• Schooling doesn't assure employment but skill does
    Celebration of skills is part of our culture
    Our mission is skill development. There can be no development with a satiated system.
  • Donate
    For the poor children
    Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.
  • Skill for Life And Livlihood
    For Their Better Future
    Mission of skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling the youth should go on relentlessly.
  • Build your skills
    For Their Better Future
    The highest skill is the true judgment of values.
  • Help The Poor
    For Their Better Future
    Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.

Our Mission

To deliver services for people at disadvantage so they can gain life and employability skills in order to live more independently, secure sustainable employment and actively contribute to family and community life.

Our Vision

Education should be made available to each and every child to make them self-reliant for their entire life.

Who We Are

The organization believes that collective effort can bring in meaningful changes in the society. In the process of programme implementation the organization has been able to establish partnership with respective government departments, NGOs and other institutions. The process has helped to formulate the mission and vision of the organization..

As a part of Uttaran Education Trust ,we are privilieged to work on behalf of some of the most marginalized community in East bardwan,Ewst Bengal. These are the poorest of the poor and the education level of the adult members are very low that create a hindrances for growth and development.


Core Values

  • Trustworthiness
    We strive to act in a manner that builds trust with our investors, portfolio companies, business partners, and other stakeholders. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Respect
    We strive to treat others as we would like to be treated. Additionally, we respect the "team," understanding that there is strength in a multitude of people's efforts.
  • Responsibility
    We strive to be good stewards and managers of all that we are entrusted with. We also strive to do what we are supposed to do when we are supposed to do it, even when it is difficult.
  • Caring
    We strive to compassionate and care about the wellbeing of one another.
  • Equality
    We strive to approach all relationships with an attempt to understand needs of others and find ways to create business partnerships that are fair and beneficial to key stakeholders.
  • Citizenship
    We strive to be generous, participative, and proactive in the communities in which we operate.

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